2 Wormar Trojan Model D

steam engine Wormar Trojan Model D ???

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:110
Approximate Date: ???
Owner: IndianaRog
Owner's website: http://www.indianarog.com
Notes: Bowman of Dereham, Norfolk, England built Wormar engines. A complete wreck upon receipt, heavily restored including a meths burner crafted from a spent Mamod boiler...vertical boiler housed inside brass outer shroud.

steam engine Wormar Trojan Model D 1926-27

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_           TSB Entry:840
Approximate Date: 1926-27
Owner: Colin Hewitt
Owner's website:
Notes: This is a nice example in good play worn condition complete with original flat top meths burner (burner missing the correct non vented filler cap, this has been resolved). Notice the Jenkins patent stamped under the Wormar Brand on the mounting plate. Piston rod painted green and engine frame painted blue, I believe these to be the original colours.