3 Wells Stationary

steam engine Wells Stationary circa 1970

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Approximate Date: circa 1970
Owner: Roly Williams
Owner's website: http://rolywilliams.com/wells_stationary.html
Notes: Probably made in a school metalwork class any time after about 1972. Restored by Roly Williams 2007. Single cylinder, single acting, oscillating cylinder. Copper boiler fired by a 3 wick meths burner. Overall length 260mm.

steam engine Wells Stationary 1970s

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Approximate Date: 1970s
Owner: Alkenco
Owner's website:
Notes: Based on plans from Kenneth Wells' book. Deviations include firebox made from aluminium (as apposed to steel) and differing boiler end cap construction.

steam engine Wells Stationary c1970s

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Approximate Date: c1970s
Owner: Roly Williams
Owner's website: http://rolywilliams.com/wells_stationary_2.html
Notes: This example used the bent steel engine frame option