Weeden 647

steam engine Weeden 647 1927-1933

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Approximate Date: 1927-1933
Owner: Robert May
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Notes: The WEEDEN 647 is a electrified No.14. It runs on 110 volts AC or DC with 3.7 Amps. It was made between 1927 and 1933 as to capitalize on the popularity of the No.14. The Bing Company in Germany was envious of the success the Weeden company enjoyed with the 14 that they made their own version. Bing modified the 14 and called it the 70/120. Bing's engine was black with red stripping and has some improved features but still didn't take much of Weeden's business. As with all the No.14s, the 647 is a reversible slide valve engine.