Weeden 43

steam engine Weeden 43 1945-1952

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Approximate Date: 1945-1952
Owner: Dean Williams
Owner's website: http://www.deansphotographica.com/machining/projects/projects.html

Has a thin sheet metal firebox. The cylinder is single acting and made from a lead casting. Similarly, the flywheel is a lead casting. Just going from the OD of the cylinder, I would guess the bore to be close to 7/16, and measuring from the center of the flywheel to the crank pin indicates a stroke of 5/8.

The boiler is brass seamless tubing of approximately .032 wall thickness. The heating element is a cartridge type, and though only 250 watts, heats water to steam in just a few minutes. The heating cartridge slips into a tube that is soldered lengthwise inside the boiler. The cloth covered cord shows a UL listing on a pinch band fastened to the cord.

I did quite a bit of restoration work on this, including some boiler leaks, a new steam pipe, base sanding and refinishing. Although the firebox shows a few spots of paint loss, it was left in original condition, as I doubt I would be able to match the paint.

It's a very mild runner. Kind of slow, maybe 600 rpm tops, and doesn't have a lot of power, but it is quite relaxing as it runs very smooth and quiet, and will happily run for as long as you care to keep filling the boiler. I think the stack on this one is slightly short. Maybe would have been about an inch longer, originally.