Weeden 20

steam engine Weeden 20 1890s-1930s

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Approximate Date: 1890s-1930s
Owner: Robert May
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Notes: The Model 20 is 11" tall and 4 3/8" diameter. Blued steel fire box, brass boiler and dark red base which is also the burner. The engine was introduced in the 1890s and was produced up to the late 30s. The No.20 was the only engine that could be run on a number of fuels such as kerosene, heating oils or alcohol. The boiler has a flue running through it and the chimney is functional. This engine was given as a premium for subscriptions of Youth's Companion as was the Weeden No. 1 was earlier. Some engines had embossed "WEEDEN" on the boiler and a twin engine named "BIG GIANT" was produced with very little changes.