Weeden 17

steam engine Weeden 17 1894 to early 1933

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Approximate Date: 1894 to early 1933
Owner: Robert May
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Notes: Introduced in 1894 and remained in production into 1933. The boilers are brass with some being nickel plated or a blued finish. The base is tin plate with four cast lead feet. The engine tower supports the cylinder, flywheel and a valve that by shifting the lever giving forward, neutral and reverse. The flywheel was 2 1/2" diameter but changed size throughout it's production time as did the whistle and some painted parts. In 1894 the cost was $2.25 and in 1933 the price had gone up to $4.50. There is a very informative book out on Weeden Mfg. Co. by Kenneth Trobaugh which is the best source in print.