3 Weeden 14

steam engine Weeden 14 1900s-1940s

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Approximate Date: 1900s-1940s
Owner: Robert May
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Notes: The No. 14 was Weeden's most popular engine through it's manufacture from prior 1900 until 1940. The early version has the logo embossed on the boiler end cap, a lead cast whistle and cast lead fittings on the sight glass. The early engine was a dark Burgundy color which got brighter in each variation there after. The engine came with a simulated governor which this engine is missing.

steam engine Weeden 14 1920s

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Approximate Date: 1920s
Owner: Robert May
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Notes: The version of the 14 had changes to it that were most notable the embossing on the boiler. Where the early model had the logo embossed on the end cap, the 1920s version had plain end caps but the name and "Trade Mark" were embossed on the boiler. They went to brass sight glass fittings and whistle. The relief valve was a spring loaded brass valve that remained the same until the end. The color was brighter than the earlier model but was still called red. From the early model including the 20's model had a thin rimed nickel plated flywheel.

steam engine Weeden 14 1930s

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Approximate Date: 1930s
Owner: Robert May
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Notes: The version that came about in the 1930s was the elimination of the name embossed on the boiler. It still had four rows of embossed rivets on the boiler as it's predecessors. In place of the name embossed on the boiler, it was replaced by a decal placed below the boiler on the sight glass end. As all No.14s the burner is a three wick burner that awkwardly is placed under the boiler. For some reason a majority of the burners have been separated from their engine and are difficult to find. The flywheels became heavier with the outer rim much more substantial. Keeping up like the previous versions, the color got brighter with a hint of orange.