2 Philcraft Marine Engine

steam engine Philcraft Marine Engine 2008

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_ _5_           TSB Entry:342
Approximate Date: 2008
Owner: Roly Williams
Owner's website: http://rolywilliams.com/philcraft_marine.html
Notes: To quote the maker (Phil Gravett) "this engine unit was originally designed to go in a 15" open launch designed by Richard White of ship and boat international, but be able to slip into any suitable hull instantly. ... it is just a v twin variation on the Jenny Wren but with a stainless superheater. It needs this as the ceramic burner glows red hot. the boiler is Simpson Strickland Kingdom type in look although no tubes."

steam engine Philcraft Marine Engine 2011

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_           TSB Entry:582
Approximate Date: 2011
Owner: Swift Fox
Owner's website: http://swiftfoxsteamco.webs.com/
Notes: This is the v- twin marine engine by Philcraft, it is almost identical to Roly Williams example above apart from the new addition of a needle valve to regulate gas to the burner more effectively, this should give the user much finer control of the engine speed and steam generation in the boiler than the previous system that was used.