2 Philcraft Lilliput Horizontal

steam engine Philcraft Lilliput Horizontal 1990s

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Approximate Date: 1990s
Owner: Roly Williams
Owner's website: http://rolywilliams.com/philcraft_lilliput.html
Notes: Kit manufactured c1990, assembled 2007. This is a horizontal boilered variation of the Jenny Wren. Many of the same parts are used.

steam engine Philcraft Lilliput Horizontal 2010

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Approximate Date: 2010
Owner: Swift Fox
Owner's website: http://swiftfoxsteamco.webs.com/
Notes: This charming miniature overtype is made by Phil Gravett and uses a lot of the same parts as the Jenny Wren. Unusual for a horizontal boiler, the chimney is a flue which passes vertically through the boiler letting hot gases escape through the chimney. The newer Lilliputís feature a steam dome that is also fitted to the beam engine plant and marine engine although it is non functioning and is used as a filler plug for the water.