2 Philcraft Jenny Wren

steam engine Philcraft Jenny Wren 1994

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Approximate Date: 1994
Owner: Roly Williams
Owner's website: http://rolywilliams.com/philcraft_jenny_wren.html
Notes: Single cylinder single acting oscillating cylinder. Overall height 78mm. Vertical flue-tube boiler, fired with a single wick meths burner. Based on Tubal Cain's design published in 'Building Simple Model Steam Engines'. I don't know if Tubal Cain had any connection with Philcraft. Maybe he and Phil Gravet (the proprietor of Philcraft) were one and the same. 'Tubal Cain' was almost certainly a nom de plume.

steam engine Philcraft Jenny Wren 2010

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Approximate Date: 2010
Owner: Swift Fox
Owner's website: http://swiftfoxsteamco.webs.com/
Notes: These miniature marvels are made by Phil Gravett and have to be one of the smallest steam engines commercially available. It is the smallest engine of my collection and is even smaller than my Ben Peake Minor which I have added a picture of it beside to give you an indication to just how tiny this engine really is.