2 Meccano MEC1

steam engine Meccano MEC1 1970

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_           TSB Entry:329
Approximate Date: 1970
Owner: Spokesman
Owner's website: http://spokessmann.tripod.com/index.html
Notes: The Meccano engine or MEC1 was made by Malins Engineers to a design laid down by the Liverpool company (Meccano). The MEC1 as it was known was the first Malins made engine to feature a simple but effective reversing control, achieved by altering the position of the cylinder relative to the inlet/exhaust ports. It was made from 1965 until 1976, about 83,000 were made. This version dates from 1970 as it has a 'Powerdrive' blue window box. Engine is is playworn condition.

steam engine Meccano MEC1 c1960

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:709
Approximate Date: c1960
Owner: W. Wrench
Owner's website:
Notes: This engine is still all original. It has a standard pressure release valve, forward and reverse lever, and the two drive shaft gears to the main balance wheel. It is displayed with its original box, which has a lovely wrap round picture of a Black Country engineers work shop, and pictorial items that can be built with Meccano to suit this engine, ie, Printing Machine, Windmill & Stamping Machine.