3 Mastrand Steam Roller

steam engine Mastrand Steam Roller 1950s

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:55
Approximate Date: 1950s
Owner: Dauntless
Owner's website: http://dauntless-steam-engines.webs.com/
Notes: Sold by Gamages of London Eric Malins (Mamod) bought one and thought I can build a better engine than that and Made the first Mamod SR1.

steam engine Mastrand Steam Roller 1950

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:307
Approximate Date: 1950
Owner: Kritika
Owner's website: http://www.kritika.co.uk/index.html
Notes: Mastrand Steam Roller of the 1950's was to later become the inspiration for Mamod's first mobile - the SR1 Steam Roller.

steam engine Mastrand Steam Roller c1950

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:859
Approximate Date: c1950
Owner: Kevin
Owner's website:
Notes: Restored in 2013, believed to be the earlier version.