Marklin 4095-4

steam engine Marklin 4095-4 c1930

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Approximate Date: c1930
Owner: Silver Fox Steam
Owner's website:
Notes: A medium-sized engine from Marklin, the German maker based in Goppinggen (Wurttemberg). It has the very characteristic Marklin nickel-plated whistle, unique chimney style and the blended paint and smoke-effect on the base. The engine is reciprocating, single-acting and reversable (by slip eccentric). The oil pot in the steam feed is stamped 'OEL' - rather archaic German for 'oil'! The boiler has a water tube gauge glass and is fired by a single wick spirit burner. However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of this engine is the engine frame. Look closely and you may be reminded of some later, British-build engines. In conversation between the owner and Mr Steve Malins, it was confirmed that his father, Mr Geoffery Malins, saw an example of this Marklin frame and copied it for the SE series of Mamod engines from c1950!