3 Fleischmann 125-2

steam engine Fleischmann 125-2 circa 1966

Images: _1_ _2_           TSB Entry:267
Approximate Date: circa 1966
Owner: Sandy Hunter (sandman)
Owner's website: http://www.freewebs.com/sandmansteamshack/index.htm

steam engine Fleischmann 125-2 c1966

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:336
Approximate Date: c1966
Owner: Les
Owner's website: http://www.freewebs.com/lesmarsh/

steam engine Fleischmann 125-2 c1960

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_           TSB Entry:637
Approximate Date: c1960
Owner: Silver Fox Steam
Owner's website:
Notes: A complete example of this model, c1960. The engine has a 'blued' (chemically treated brass) boiler, 'Esbit' solid fuel burner, 'bell' whistle, in-line oiler and a non-working governor driven from the flywheel.