3 Fleischmann 122-3

steam engine Fleischmann 122-3 1961

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Approximate Date: 1961
Owner: IndianaRog
Owner's website: http://www.indianarog.com
Notes: Built 1961...for my 10th birthday!
This is the engine that got me hooked on toy steam. Simple oscillator, Esbit fired, metal base, built in governor, whistle...but no throttle. Boiler finished by a process called 'japaning'...a bluing of sorts. Fleischmann stationary steam engines were taken over by Wilesco in the early '60's...Fleischmann was the last of the early Nurembourg toy steam builders...some of their features still carry on in the Wilesco line to this day.

steam engine Fleischmann 122-3 c1956-60

Images: _1_           TSB Entry:334
Approximate Date: c1956-60
Owner: Les
Owner's website: http://www.freewebs.com/lesmarsh/

steam engine Fleischmann 122-3 c1960

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Approximate Date: c1960
Owner: Silver Fox Steam
Owner's website:
Notes: This is a restored example of this series. The boilers were sometimes 'blued', sometimes polished brass as this engine. The boiler would have had two chromed steel bands around it originally, not to secure it but purely as 'trimming'. The steam pipe would have been nickel plated. The finest thing about this engine is the 'Doll' style engine pedestal, a characteristic design that Fleischmann retained when they 'inherited' the Doll company. There is a detailed picture of the 'Esbit' solid fuel burner.