Fleischmann 120-2

steam engine Fleischmann 120-2 c1954/1956

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_ _5_ _6_           TSB Entry:457
Approximate Date: c1954/1956
Owner: 27ace27
Owner's website: http://www.thesteamchest.yolasite.com
Notes: This engine came on a bargain from Ebay, I can't recall exactly how much I payed for it, but I'm certain it was less than $40. A bargain in all respects, especially considering the fact that it has the all imortant chimney and burner. It even had the original box, instructions, and funnel! It did not come with a whistle, but I have since sourced one, and it is a sweet little runner, and all I did to it was give it a polish! I have only run it once since I don't have any proper Esbit. If you'd like to send me some, by all means, please do! But this engine is so small that securing the fittings makes me nervous.I'm afraid I'll break them! see it running here: You Tube Video