Falk Printing Press

steam engine Falk Printing Press ???

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Approximate Date: ???
Owner: Wim Gregoor
Owner's website:
Notes: The Falk press comes with 3 clichés: rubber barrel-stamps, ink-tampered by the above-laying felt ink-tamper. The press-paper from a paper-roll behind the press (in the black holder) was led to the pressing-table. Now moved by a steam-engine via the spring on the wheel 'Birds', 'Transportmeans' or 'Oriental Mammals' were pressed. The press came in this original box (lid replacement), with 'Drückmaschine', 'ekno 7', '3,50' and (modelnr.?) '242/3', written in pencil, black and blue. About 'Joseph Falk' as the original mark of my press, I am not sure: contact with Lankes Auctions resulted in their mentioned origine, Falk. I have seen 3 more species on internet, no marks mentioned. I am open for suggestions about its origin and date.