2 Empire B31

steam engine Empire B31 1921 - 1931

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Approximate Date: 1921 - 1931
Owner: IndianaRog
Owner's website: http://www.indianarog.com
Notes: Model B-31, vertical style boiler, built approx. 1921-1931. The 2nd most plentiful of the cast iron Empire toy steam engines based on the 10 year production period and freqency of seeing them on eBay. Solid cast iron base, brass engine components and nickeled brass boiler. Actually just a vertical version of the most popular B-30 horizontal model. Rivals early Jensens for robustness. Heated electrically.

steam engine Empire B31 1920s

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Approximate Date: 1920s
Owner: Robert May
Owner's website:
Notes: The Empire B31 vertical engine shares the same mechanics as the B30 horizontal engine. The frame and piston/cylinders are interchangeable. The boiler is chrome plated copper and the frame is cast brass. The engine base is cast iron and all together make it quite a heavy engine. The chimney also functions as the filling port and relief valve. The engine has a throttle valve and a whistle which is quite loud. The engine was patented in 1921 and had no obvious changes through the years.