3 Empire 43

steam engine Empire 43 Mid 1950s

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Approximate Date: Mid 1950s
Owner: Dean Williams
Owner's website: http://www.deansphotographica.com/machining/projects/projects.html
Notes: This is an Empire No. 43 engine. I realize there is an Empire model called 'B43', but this engine is clearly different. The plate on the bottom of the base is marked 'Empire, The MetalWare Corp, Two Rivers Wisconsin' and 'No. 43' & 'UL Listed'. Unlike the oscillating cylinder engine on the 'B'43, this plain 43 has a completely different engine, being a single acting spool valve type with reversing eccentric. The base is a thick pressed steel plate, and the cylinder platform and main bearings are a one piece unit, again, unlike the two piece unit on the 'B'43. It's heavily made throughout, with a 1/16" thick cylinder shell, cast brass cylinder and steam chest, and heavy cast iron flywheel. It's a stellar runner, with an impressively loud whistle! This particular toy steam plant needed needed a fair bit of soldering work to put it into good running shape, since someone had heated it dry, and solder had run out the end cap and the safety valve bushing. Other than that it was in nice shape.

steam engine Empire 43 1950s

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Approximate Date: 1950s
Owner: SteamN
Owner's website:
Notes: Nickel Plated. Manufactured in the 1950's and is stamped on the bottom "CAT. NO. 43" and is rated 120 volts, 350 watts. The engine is in good working condition and runs very well.

steam engine Empire 43 ???

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Approximate Date: ???
Owner: SteamN
Owner's website:
Notes: Manufacture date unknown. It only has "43" and 115 volts, 400 watts stamped on the bottom. The heating element does not work, but it runs well on air. The base plates measure 8 x 6 1/4 inches on both. #1 is a darker red then #2. Both boilers are approximately 6 3/4 inches long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter, though engine #1 has a thicker cap on the sight glass end. Both have a smooth finish on the back side of the boiler with no cap. Both measure 6 3/4 inches tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the stack. Both have the pressure relief valve located in the stack. Some of the major differences between the two are as follows: Whistle placement, on #1 is towards the back of the boiler just in front of the stack, where as on engine #2 it is centered between the flue and steam regulating valve. The whistles are just under 2 inches tall. #1 has a flat top where #2 is domed there are also other minor changes between the two. Throttle knobs on both engines are made of red "Bakelite" but each has a different design. #2 having more of a mushroom shape. Engine #1 has a round piston rod connected to the flywheel that pivots at the piston. #2 has a flat connecting rod from the flywheel that connects to the piston rod and there is a dome on the cylinder where the rod enters the piston. One piece cast cylinder and steam chest on both. If anyone has more information about these engines, please contact me David aka. "SteamN" at [email protected] .com