2 David Auld Locomotive

steam engine David Auld Locomotive c1966-1989

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_ _5_ _6_ _7_ _8_ _9_           TSB Entry:585
Approximate Date: c1966-1989
Owner: TrademeNZAuction
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Notes: These photos are of a very rare engine and track made by David Auld. David Auld made 130 of these locos, plus 27 more slightly different. Also earlier there was a run of 20 of a different design. The track was made after Lawrence Lines stopped production, it is Lawrence track without the trademark. His 0 gauge steam loco production lasted about from 1966 until 1989, or so. The track make a circle 1.3 Metres wide. These rare pictures appeared on the Trademe NZ auction website.

steam engine David Auld Locomotive 1966-89

Images: _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_ _5_ _6_ _7_ _8_ _9_ _10_ _11_ _12_ _13_           TSB Entry:1008
Approximate Date: 1966-89
Owner: LukeD
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Notes: David Auld rear wheel cylinder locomotive that has not been fired. Have tried it on compressed air, all timing perfect. Quite strong power being a twin cylinder. Can reverse. Wheels are lead. One rear wheel has some cracking in it. Was hoping a reader may have access to replacement wheel or suggestions on how to repair. 1.3m Round track is currently being cleaned up. David Auld locomotives are 0 gauge and were made between 1966 to 1989. This one is of the later design being a square cylinder head. As I understand only 27 were made with a square cylinder head. Engine is just shy of 20cm long including front buffers and weighs in at 784 grams (1 Pound 12 Ounces) empty.