Bing 70-120

steam engine Bing 70-120 ???

Images: _1_ _2_           TSB Entry:287
Approximate Date: ???
Owner: Robert May
Owner's website:
Notes: The Bing 70/120 was produced by Bing to take advantage of the success that Weeden was enjoying with their model 14. Without studying the engine, it looks like Weeden's 14 only with different colors. After looking very close, I don't believe there is a part that is interchangeable. The Bing engine will be 1/4" longer on the boiler and 1/8" shorter on the frame. The Bing being metric eliminates all the small parts to interchange. The Bing has a larger and fancier flywheel that is chrome plated on the outer face and pin stripping on the spokes. The frame is painted black and red pin stripping. It has the typical German sight glass and a in-line oiler. Like the Weeden 14, it has a three-wick burner but much easier to use that the Weeden engine.